I’ve been suffering from panic attacks for 10 years and having tried various forms of therapy to conquer them, with little success, someone recommended Hypnotherapy to me. Having now been to HA2 for 3 sessions my panic attacks have stopped.

O.B. - 2017

Hi Mark, I woke up the next day after our session and felt no desire at all to smoke my morning cigarette. I don’t really know how you did this, but two months later I’m still a non smoker and my resolve is still as strong as ever. Thank you!

Hi Mark another update.. Not sure what you said to me about resilience while I was under but it is working. I had a meeting today with my manger yesterday I was completely at ease with it. I even got a message from my line manager at 22:00 to say we should meet in the morning at 8:30 to have some time to chat before the meeting with the guy I don’t get on with. Ordinarily I would have started freaking out, thinking about all possibilities, but I was completely calm about it to the point it was like… I don’t give a s## t. Then I met my manager this morning to find that this guy was not happy about a few things with me. Again I didn’t freak and thought whatever has happened has happened so let’s deal with it. Had the meetung with him at 1, got a bit of a grilling, but walked away thinking……. So what

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I almost feel like a normal person 🙂