Hi Mark,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for helping me control my anxiety, i feel a lot more relaxed, confident and most of all more happy:) and look forward to each new day. I loved the sessions whether it was hypnotherapy or just plain talking. I loved your honesty, knowledge and the fact you were not trying to upsell. Thank you for being genuine and kind.


Ayan Patel - 2018

Mark has really helped me have a sense of knowing what I wanted and the importance of wanting to lose weight. He helped me rediscover my confidence and has given me the tools to go and achieve not only my weight loss goal but also how to cope with any anxiety and stress. I wake up every morning feeling amazing and ready to face anything life throws at me. Thank you Mark. Looking forward to fitting into my size 12 dress by the end of next year ???, Miriam

Miriam - 2017

I just had this horrendous fear of interviews. It was so frustrating, I knew I had everything the job required but would feel so sick and nervous it showed. I missed out on promotion twice because I went blank with panic on the day. On a third application I decided it was my last attempt. After one session at HA2 I actually enjoyed the experience. I felt totally in control, and got the job!

J.H. - 2017

Hi, many thanks for the session, it’s already starting to work! I went out for a meal with people at work yesterday and did not have a starter or desert, when I normally would have. Also on Wed pm there was a leaving do with lots of buffet food & cakes and I only had some grapes & a satsuma – no chocolate etc, just didn’t feel like picking. Really weird for me!

J.J.- 2017