Hi Mark another update.. Not sure what you said to me about resilience while I was under but it is working. I had a meeting today with my manger yesterday I was completely at ease with it. I even got a message from my line manager at 22:00 to say we should meet in the morning at 8:30 to have some time to chat before the meeting with the guy I don’t get on with. Ordinarily I would have started freaking out, thinking about all possibilities, but I was completely calm about it to the point it was like… I don’t give a s## t. Then I met my manager this morning to find that this guy was not happy about a few things with me. Again I didn’t freak and thought whatever has happened has happened so let’s deal with it. Had the meetung with him at 1, got a bit of a grilling, but walked away thinking……. So what

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I almost feel like a normal person 🙂

Alan R.