HA2 Hypnotherapy Clinic, Session and Fees

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Trusted By Over 500 Clients

When you decide to let go of your issue, just arrange to come my hypnotherapy clinic in Harrow.

Explain your experiences and concerns in complete safety and confidentiality. You may be surprised how effortlessly you can relax, close your eyes, and allow your inner mind to absorb new, secure, confident strategies to cope and change. Following hypnosis, your subconscious will continue to process the positive work you have done in your sessions.
Your first session will be approximately an hour, enough time for us to discuss your particular issues and goals and begin your treatment with hypnosis. It isn’t possible to predict how many visits any individual requires, this depends wholly uponharrow hypnotherapy your individual circumstances.

Many people notice a rapid improvement after just one session. We will review your progress together as we go. You will know and decide how much reinforcement works for you.

HA2 Hypnotherapy Accessibility

  • HA2 Hypnotherapy is easily accessed by road and all major public transport routes.

  • 30, Holmdene Avenue. North Harrow Middx. HA2 6HR

  • There is non restricted parking on the road by the clinic

  • Rail: Headstone Lane - Tube: North Harrow Met line - Bus: H18, H19, 183

Sessions Fees are £70 per 60 minute session, payable by bank transfer prior to attending. In special circumstances cash on the day can be taken. At HA2 Hypnotherapy I believe in tailoring each session to your unique and individual needs. Session time is approximate, may be slightly more or less. Clients are requested to arrive on time.

Smoking cessation consists of two 90 minute appointments costing £250.  The cost for smoking is significantly higher than other sessions. This is to ensure that the client is totally committed to the process.

HA2 Hypnotherapy is situated in a pleasant residential neighbourhood. Your treatment is discreet, secure and fully confidential.  My aim is to work with you as a unique individual. To listen, and to tailor your sessions to your specific goals and needs. You have the insight and ability to change. I have the skills to help you achieve that change.