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Mark Lidster

Hello, I’m Mark Lidster and I look after the clients at HA2 Hypnotherapy..

I know from personal experience that life can get you down. That’s probably why you’re here. The good news is though that you don’t have to cope on your own.

Using hypnosis and a range of talking therapies, I’m here to help you take the right steps.

Steps towards making lasting and positive changes to your life.

Changes that will free you from the anxieties, phobias and negative issues that are holding you back.

If that sounds like something you want to find out more about, then please call, text or email me.

Hypnotherapy by Skype
Hypnotherapy now available by Skype and other video software

Call/text on 0787-2625516 or email me at mark@ha2hypnotherapy.co.uk

Alternatively, use the contact form by clicking here and filling in your details.

Or check out the testimonials below to see how I’ve helped some of my recent clients.

Hypnotherapy is now available at HA2 Hypnotherapy by Skype and other video software if you cannot physically get to me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Breaking News!

My new online course MASTER YOUR ANXIETY will be launching very soon. It is a comprehensive approach to resolving any anxiety issue you might have now or at any time in the future. 

Within the course I offer hypnosis therapy as well as practical guidance and teaching on all matters related to anxiety plus numerous practical examples on how to cope with anxiety. There are over 15 hours of content in total, 10  hours of hypnotherapy and 5 hours of guidance and instructional teaching.  And I offer a lifetime’s access to the course, so that you can use it as often as you like, whenever you like, to create or reinforce any behaviour change you desire. All in the comfort of your home, on the move or wherever is most convenient to you. And I’ve Master Your Anxietystructured it so that it feels like we’re having therapy together in my clinic. One year in the making it’s a one stop solution to help you to Master Your own Anxiety.

For more information click here and visit my website:



Recent Testimonials – click the names to see the reviews live on Google Business

Kellie Murphy
Mark was very quickly able to build a space that felt safe and full of trust. His natural communication style and sharing a bit about himself helped me to feel at ease to share honestly my experience and concerns within minutes. The work we did together had a positive impact on my life pretty much immediately and larger and more profound changes occurred over the weeks that followed. The sessions themselves were in my experience deeply relaxing and also re-energising which was super. It is the on-going changes to my quality of life though, that is the biggest benefit. My anxiety levels have reduced by a huge amount and I feel much much more confident and grounded in myself which is very liberating. I’m also able to more easily find the positives in any situation and life is lighter and more joyful. These changes have taken place over a relatively short period of time, and I am deeply thankful that I came across Mark’s website and took myself out of comfort zone to book an appointment.

Richard O’Keefe
I can’t thank Mark enough, over several weeks Mark helped me to give up smoking, tackle bereavement issues, help reduce anxiety and depression and help me to focus on exercising and improving my diet.
Again thank you Mark.

Chris Matthews
I couldn’t recommend HA2 enough. I personally have suffered with a number of ailments from a psychological standpoint and Mark hasn’t only helped me with these, he’s enabled me to be able to manage these. The guidance I’ve had from HA2 has changed my outlook from both a personal and professional life. Thank you so much and I can’t stress how beneficial these sessions are.

It actually works!! You have to be willing to put the effort in too, but if you need help to take control of what’s bothering you in your life this is for you. Having Mark to talk to is great he’s also wise and insightful. If you’re hesitating whether to try it out, just do it! It’s helped me a lot. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Mark Purnell
I went to see mark with various issues going on in my life, he has been brilliant every step of the way. He has a very unique and personal approach to helping you. His practice is a perfect, very good place to feel comfortable and at ease. Mark is very easy to talk to and has helped me rebuild my life and expectations, his Hypnosis is so good, you come way feeling fantastic, thank you mark, I fully recommend him to anyone seeking help. 10 out of 10 , do not hesitate give him a call . Make your life better . I did , so glad I made this choice.

Peter Claxton
I’ve been seeing Mark primarily regarding my anxiety which is exacerbated by my OCD. He is excellent at both hypnotherapy and talking-therapy and has really helped to provide me with the tools to help control, manage and reduce my anxiety. Mark won’t try and lock you into numerous sessions nor will he try to sell you products, he is only concerned with empowering people to live their lives as they see fit and he does this in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment.

What really sets Mark aside from a lot of therapists and people in general, is that as well as talking the talk, he walks the walk. He has experienced a lot of things, both good and bad, in his life and this enables him to provide more than textbook knowledge. He is very easy to talk to and very open about himself. This really allowed me to build trust with him which imo is essential when talking about myself and what I viewed as my “darkest and embarrassing” secrets/issues.

Thank you Mark for helping me get over a relationship that was ruining my life. I am so grateful because Mark helped see that I could let go and stop feeling guilty and bad about what happened and was free to get on with the rest of my life.

Why not take 15 minutes to relax

Why not take 15 minutes out of your day and sit down and relax to my free Total Body Relaxation hypnosis video.

It will help you unwind, de-stress and set you up for the rest of the day.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of Mind. Your state of awareness changes regularly during everyday life, perhaps while you are driving or drifting towards sleep. Hypnotherapy provides a safe and natural way of re-programming your thoughts, behaviours, and even your body using the power of your mind.

Hypnosis and therapy work together, when you have reached a deep and pleasant state of relaxation. During this stage, the hypnotherapist provides positive suggestions to the subconscious mind to help you achieve your desired goals.

Deep within your subconscious you have an amazing capacity to become receptive to new understanding, ideas and information. You can access the power already within yourself as you are guided towards developing new insights, changing unwanted habits and achieving new goals.


Want to know more about Hypnotherapy?

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy involves a safe and natural way of re-programming your thoughts, behaviours, and even your body using the power of your mind.  Hypnosis works as you are led into a deep state of relaxation. Some may refer to this as a trance state, much like the feeling of ‘auto-pilot’ when driving a car or feeling absorbed when reading. During this stage, the hypnotherapist provides positive suggestions to the powerful subconscious mind, while it is highly receptive to process new information. Like a computer programme running in the background, your inner mind will help you achieve your desired goals.

Can I be hypnotized against my will, can I lose control?

No. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You have to want to be hypnotized before a trance state can be achieved; you progress with full consent and never lose self control. At all times during the course of a hypnotic session, you will be able to hear and to think. You are aware of what is going on around you. Although your body is very relaxed, your mind is actually more alert than usual. Many people are worried by stage hypnosis and the fact that the subjects, many of whom do ridiculous things for fun, seem to have no knowledge of anything around them. This is a myth and hypnosis as entertainment should not be confused with therapy. Both depend on mutual co-operation between the people involved.

Can I get stuck in trance?

No. You are never unconscious and remain in control. The therapist will guide you back to a fully alert state at the end of your session, however you can interact while relaxed and could respond to any situation, should you need to. You are most likely to experience a pleasant and secure sensation.